InterContinental Hotel San Francisco Wins Historic Legal Victory with Full Reimbursement of Attorney Fees


Hennigh Law Corporation
Scott Hennigh

Hennigh Law Corporation

On October 27, 2023, the San Francisco Superior Court entered an order awarding full reimbursement of all attorneys’ fees following a six-year legal battle that culminated in a major jury verdict for the InterContinental Hotel San Francisco. The ruling marks a moment in the hotel’s history in affirming its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service and facilities.

The lawsuit, handled by Hennigh Law Corporation, asked the jury to award damages for a full replacement of the hotel’s heating, ventilation, and mechanical plumbing system designed and installed by Critchfield Mechanical Inc. The trial was not only legally challenging but also deeply technical, delving into the realms of metallurgy, chemistry, engineering, and the logistics of a future construction project that would not disrupt the hotel’s elite standards for guest experience.

The trial team, led by Scott Hennigh, Garrett Mott, Shawn Shadsirat, Sylvia Yang, and Erik Gonzalez, demonstrated exceptional skill and focus. They navigated through the legal and technical complexities, effectively communicating the intricacies to the jury against a formidable defense team. Their efforts were rewarded with a total verdict and attorney fees award exceeding $22.8 million, a testament to their dedication and expertise.